Video Marketing

video marketing

The General Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing is the new trend for businesses and everyone is talking about it but is it all hype? There really are a variety of advantages to using video for marketing, especially if you want to make the best impression on your customer base. With authentic copy telling a great story, online video can effectively showcase your products and/or services you’ll engaging potential buyers and spreading your brand awareness at the same time.

Higher Rates of Consumption

Choosing online videos over other generic marketing methods gives you a higher rate of consumption with your customer base. People are much more likely to put money into a product or a service that they can see with their own eyes in a way that is different from a generic product description and a couple of photographs. When you create a video you are providing a 360 degree representation of what you are offering or showing a demonstration of how your services work. This will answer any questions and ease any concerns so that they’re more likely to buy.

Improving Brand Awareness

Digital videos are everywhere and they are convenient for sharing with friends and family members. When your company takes the steps necessary to make digital videos, you’ll be improving your brand awareness because everyone who watches your video will be more likely to share it on social media or face-to-face with the people around them. The more potential customers that become aware of what you have to offer, the more your name gets out there and people start to get curious. This in itself is one of the main ways that many successful businesses get their start, simply by improving their brand awareness.

Cost Effective Marketing Strategies

Creating a product video or a demonstrative video doesn’t take a lot of money when compared to traditional methods of advertising such as printing pamphlets and flyers. Companies are always looking for ways that they can cut back on their spending and starting with your advertising strategies is essential. All that you will need to worry about is the costs associated with either buying the filming and editing equipment and paying for the time that it takes for you to film the products or the demo. Distributing the video is simple as you can post it on social media websites entirely for free or you can pay a much smaller amount for posting your videos as ads on websites.

Employing Professionals

The other option is to employ a professional video company. Great companies should be advising you on the types of strategy best suited to you product or service. They should help with distribution and obviously production. This isn’t as expensive as it sounds and you should seek out companies that offer transparency of cost and don’t try and turn your video in to a full-scale mimic event. We always say a great story can be written in pencil, biro or fountain pen. the tools don’t matter its the story that counts. Work with a professional who understands your product or service, if one person turns up to you shoot with a small DXLR the end result can still be fantastic if they tell the story well. The video landscape has changed. A corporate video posted on line may not work, strung to make a TV show may not work even a commercial may not work. We all buy through trusted recommendation or review now. Companies need to stop selling and start building trust by telling stories. Even if that means telling how a problem was solved and addressed, particularly if that involved listening to customer feed back.

Video Marketing is a great way to get your story to paying customers and clients. My advice “get advice” you could start my calling us of course!

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